Buyers Guide

Rugs take a large portion of the room and they set the mood for the rest of the house or office. In order not to fall over things, our vision is naturally directed towards the floor more than any other direction.

Therefore the rug on the floor is what you see most of the time. You need to put something you will enjoy most on the floor. Before you start painting your room, carpeting or choosing your curtains or upholstery, you should choose your rug. You can match paint with any rug. Your curtains will deteriorate in a few years, your sofa covers will not last forever, and there are thousands of textiles to choose from. It is easier to match textiles with rugs.

If you decide to sell your house and move, you can take the rug with you but not the curtains or wall to wall carpet. Whether you are seeking a collector’s piece or an item for decor you need to select your rug carefully so that it is an investment. Good quality rugs appreciate in value. Low quality copies do not. 

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